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Industry Practices:
For clients operating in selected industries, we have sector specialists organized into global practice groups. Our differentiated model means that practice group consultants can collaborate, unfettered by local limitations, and unleash fast, high-impact solutions for our clients - wherever they are based.



Automobile, Airlines and Auto Components:
ARSEN has recently added the Automotives practice amongst its other successful practices. This practice includes 3 major domains the automotive sector, The Airlines Sector & Auto Components Sector.
Automotive Industry in India is continuously being modernized to keep pace with international standards in terms aesthetics, ergonomics, fuel efficiency driving comfort, safety and emission norms. India is an emerging country with huge potential. The domestic economy is now growing at around 7% per annum and India's growing importance in global terms is being reinforced by rapidly rising exports. India's low cost but highly skilled manufacturing base means that the country is also taking centre stage as a favored location for global outsourcing.
ARSEN Management Consultants customizes its search plans and teams according to their clients needs and have a good record in providing accurate manpower solutions. We have handled mandates across levels in this sector and are rapidly increasing by successfully converting prospective clients to satisfied customers.

Banking and Financial Services

ARSEN Management Consultants “Banking and Financial Services” Practice consists of a highly professional team around the country who partners with senior executives of organizations in all sectors across the services spectrum to address hiring needs. There are over 20 consultants dedicated to serving clients in this industry.

Our services span all operational and strategic roles critical to our client's success across sectors.
In addition, the Banking and Financial Services Practice Group provides Expertise Groups who focus on various fields that are of the highest importance to our clients.
We become advisers to and partners with our clients, most of whom we have developed long-standing relationships with, to address the leadership issues most crucial to the success of their businesses. Our activities include: executive recruiting, appraisal of existing management, and longer term succession planning.

Our Banking and Financial Services Practice is built on consultants who bring deep expertise and knowledge of industry and a wealth of personal experience gained through client engagements and prior line positions in, or banking to, financial institutions. This combination of industry expertise, professionalism and integrity enables us to have credibility with clients, candidates and industry leaders.

Technology and Communications

The Technology and Communications Practice of ARSEN Management Consultants is considered as a leading player in this rapidly evolving sector. We have acted as consultants both to large global multi-nationals and to fast-growth up-and-comers, in the fields of executive search, management appraisal, team effectiveness, CEO succession and corporate governance.

Our specialized technology experts serves both global and local players in the process of identifying and evaluating the most qualified leaders in all areas of technology: telecommunications, software including media and entertainment, services, semiconductors, etc.

The Technology and Communications Practice is ready to respond quickly to the strategic needs of our clients, acting as a local boutique with global reach. We apply the proven principles of our search methodology to each assignment to deliver consistent results to our clients.

As a client, you have immediate access to our global knowledge base.

Life Sciences and Health Care Services

The new millennium finds the life sciences industry facing a host of new challenges:

  • Unprecedented merger and alliance activity in the supply (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical supplies/devices) and healthcare delivery sectors
  • New paradigms in the R&D arena where breakthroughs in drug discovery and the use of information technologies impact on traditional organizations
  • Trends in marketing, consumer advertising and population health management require constant replenishment of new product pipelines to retain a competitive edge
  • Changes in healthcare financing coupled with an aging population and new healthcare consumerism require increasing productivity, cost efficiencies and flexibility by healthcare suppliers, payers and providers alike
  • E-health is a new and exciting trend with dramatic implications across all sectors of the industry

In the competition for talent, ARSEN Management Consultant’s global Life Sciences and Health Care Services Practice is uniquely qualified to advise on leadership issues, and identify and recruit the exceptional senior executives and board members required to meet these challenges. Each of our consultants brings years of industry experience and knowledge of the particular issues facing our clients in each life sciences/healthcare sector. Beyond their expertise as leaders in the search industry, they are recognized as valuable allies and strategic partners of top organizations worldwide.

Life Sciences and Health Care Services Practice members conduct some niche assignments annually for some of the most respected names in the following industry sectors:

Consumer and Services:


ARSEN Management Consultant’s global Consumer Practice consists of our professional team around the nation who assists in the senior leadership needs of organizations in consumer industries.

We become partners with our clients, most of whom we have served over the long term to address those leadership and human capital issues most crucial to the success of their business. Our activities include: recruiting leadership, assessing existing management competencies and determining longer term succession planning.

ARSEN Management Consultant's Consumer Practice expertise spans all operational and strategic roles critical to our clients' success across consumer sectors, including:

Our Consumer Practice is comprised of consultants who bring deep expertise and knowledge of industry and dynamics, both competitive and customer. All consultants bring a wealth of personal experience gained through both client engagements and earlier positions in line management or consulting with consumer-intensive organizations. Their industry expertise, professionalism and integrity enable them to have credibility with clients, candidates and industry leaders on a global basis.

Infrastructure & Construction:
ARSEN has refined its approach, assembling a high-caliber team of professionals devoted solely to serving the Infrastructure and Construction industry. We have recruited and developed executive search consultants to build our global practice
We cater to positions across the board right from junior management to Top Management Positions. We have been instrumental in running exclusive searches and closing on strategic positions with various clients. 
Currently we are working with few big players in Real Estate, Construction,Infrastructure,Energy  & Heavy Engineering sector and have already closed many positions right from junior management to top level with our clients.
Engineering Research & Development
Engineering services and product design activities in India have grown significantly in the last decade, beginning with the digitization of 2D/3D drawings to product design, engineering, development and innovation. The global engineering services industry is currently estimated at US$ 750 billion per year. This is expected to reach over US$ 1 trillion by 2020. Of this, US$ 10 -15 billion is currently being off shored, with India’s share being 12 per cent.
ARSEN has developed expertise to fulfill engineering design requirements across different industrial areas such as automotive, aerospace, chemical, power, industrial automation, medical and healthcare and machine tools. ARSEN’s engineering R&D practice has played a key role in establishing the Indian design set-up of several global multinationals.
Our consultants are experienced engineers who have worked in leading R&D establishments in India and bring strong domain knowledge to the table.
Diversified Manufacturing
Success in today’s diversified manufacturing sector rests on leaders who possess an understanding of global markets, end-to-end supply chain issues, global sourcing, low cost manufacturing and innovation. It is their ability to think broadly and motivate others that allows companies in this sector to compete in this new era of complex global supply chains and diverse customer markets.

ARSEN’s diversified manufacturing sector team, with its in-depth sector knowledge, over the past Eleven years has successfully completed more than 500 senior-level engagements for clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We offer specialized expertise in the following sectors:

Diversified Manufacturing
Electronic Equipment & Components
Industrial Materials & Technology
Consumer Durables
Material Handling Equipment
Agricultural/Construction Equipment
Industrial Heating & Cooling
Machine Tools
Power Generation
Process & Control Equipment
Pumps, Valves & Compressors 
The continued globalization and demand for energy and chemicals has led to amazing changes in the development, utilization, supply and transport of key energy sources and commodities. We at ARSEN continues to evolve its industry leading positions in this sector with the formalization of a global practice encompassing:



Oilfield Services


Exploration & Production




Refining and Marketing


Electric & Gas Utilities


Power Generation (Fossil, Nuclear and Alternative)


Engineering & Construction


ARSEN has been servicing this sector since 11 years. Our practice members are focused on the latest industry trends: from emerging market supply/demand dynamics; to sustainability; to the impact of alternative energy in the business planning; to regulatory; political and financial factors in order to develop the most effective talent solutions for this ever changing business sector.
Industrial/Transportation Services
The industrial/transportation services sector has evolved from the relatively simple role of providing outsourcing of non-core functions for clients into the provider of sophisticated business solutions that are highly visible to customers and essential to profitability. Whether you are in need of a chief executive to drive profitable expansion, a country manager to exploit international client relationships, a head office executive charged with supporting operations managers, a supply chain expert or a specialist manager to drive value out of a complex contract, ARSEN’s industrial/transportation services professionals can connect you with key executives who will bring fresh and inspired thinking to your organization. 

We conduct more than 100+ successful engagements every year for clients and offer expertise in key sub-sectors that include:

Industrial Services



Transportation Services

Facilities Management



Third Party Logistic & Supply Chain Management Services

Architectural Services



Warehousing & Distribution

Engineering Services



Freight Forwarders

Construction Management Services



Courier/Cargo Services

Waste Management




Environmental Services



Port & Harbor Management

Security Services








Equipment Leasing/Rental



Airports & Airport Services




Bus Services


Government and Nonprofit Practice

ARSEN Management Consultants has been helping to develop the human capital of governments and nonprofit organizations around the world for over 11 years. Our Government and Nonprofit Practice cohesive team brings dedicated expertise and in-depth knowledge of the leadership and talent management challenges facing organizations in this growing and increasingly influential sector. 

As governments, charities and international organizations are exposed to increasing scrutiny over governance, accountability and efficiency; leaders of government and nonprofit organizations must manage greater and more complex demands than ever. Many of our clients are responding by assessing and strengthening their leaders and leadership teams, taking advantage of an unprecedented opportunity to attract talent, and benefiting in general from systematic and structured approaches to talent management.

We take a consultative approach to understanding our clients’ needs, which is tailored to individual circumstances and challenges. Our services typically cover search, management, team effectiveness, CEO/Executive Director succession, board consulting and corporate governance. Our handling of some of the highest profile appointments and leadership reviews in the non-profit world in recent years has given us extensive experience of managing internal and external stakeholder engagement and communication in sensitive situations, and delivering transparent and comprehensive application and search processes. We also understand what works, and what does not work, when senior individuals move from one sector to another.

We have built expertise in delivering high level results for a broad range of clients, many of which are globally recognized as leaders in their field. In particular, our consultants have specialized and focused their work to better serve clients in the fields of: 

  • Government / Regulatory – including government departments, regulatory agencies, state-owned companies, public utilities, infrastructure bodies and municipalities. 
  • NGOs / Charities / Foundations – including humanitarian, development, public health and social welfare organizations, private foundations and professional industry associations.
  • Academic / Education – including universities, research institutes, business schools, schools organizations and think tanks.
  • Intergovernmental / Multilateral – including development, health, humanitarian assistance, finance, environmental and education organizations.
  • Arts / Culture – including museums, galleries, performing artists, entertainment venues, festivals and events, and art centers and schools. 

Our focus is to build deep, long-lasting and global client relationships through intimate knowledge of our clients’ culture, evolution and changing talent needs. We are proud to serve some of the leading public and nonprofit organizations in the world and continue to proactively identify opportunities to share the insights we have gained from working with these leading organizations and the private sector. The Government and Nonprofit Practice is always ready to respond quickly to the strategic needs of our clients, bringing enthusiasm, drive, and passion to match the mission of the organizations that we serve.

Information Technology & Enabled Services
Information Technology &  Enabled Services Practice of ARSEN specializes in servicing Talent Search needs of the BPO industry. We take pride in being amongst the largest dedicated sector specific team in the country, exclusively focusing on the requirements from the Entry to the Top level. We have developed ourselves into a 'One Stop Shop', with our vast clientele and huge database, for all kinds of opportunities as well as all kinds of profiles across levels and across locations in the BPO space. 

We have been closely partnering with the major BPO players across locations in sourcing for talent across the board. We have extensive exposure in handling the entire breadth of talent requirements in the IT Enabled Services space right from a Calling agent to the Profit Centre Head. 

To give you a brief run through on the services offered by us, through which a lot of our clients have derived excellent results. We specialize in:

Top Level Executive Search 

With an exclusive database of top-notch professionals, which grows constantly through head hunting and intensive networking in the industry, we have been able to deliver the best-fit candidates at the Top level. Having been in the Top Level Executive Search for quite some time and with a huge structured database, we have developed a wide network of exceptional talent in the industry. We also conduct exclusive searches for key Leadership positions in the BPO space

In order to make our efforts more focused and specialized; we have a core team of consultants taking care of mandates at the middle and senior level. This enables us to have a thorough understanding of each requirement from all perspectives and thereby source the best-fit candidates for specific positions.

Bulk Hiring

We have also been involved in a lot of activities for Bulk Hiring at the Agent level. We have been partnering with key players in the BPO sector for these requirements. Through our value added services we enjoy the status of being amongst the preferred partners with our clients.

We have a separate team of dedicated, high-energy consultants servicing the bulk hiring needs of our clients at the entry level. A complete understanding of the specific client requirements, hiring procedure, organizational context, and desired candidate attributes equips this team well to deliver quality candidates, in huge numbers within conservative delivery deadlines. In addition, we follow a rigorous process for screening / short listing the candidates and thereafter assist them with a complete orientation about the client organization. 

Depending upon the magnitude of the requirement, we employ various channels of recruiting. Some of these include:

 Campus Interviews We do campus hiring all across.
 Out station Events Wherein we shortlist candidates and do the entire screening for a few days in outstation locations and the client comes in on the last day and makes offers after the final round.

 Newspaper Walk-ins: We hold newspaper walk-ins either in our office or at any centralized location in the city and screen the candidates in the first half and build a ready pool for the clients who come in post lunch and give out the offers after the final round.

Partnering with Clients on a retainership basis: This is a comprehensive value added service that we extend to our clients wherein we handle the entire agent level hiring exclusively and coordinate with other consultants and all other channels of hiring. The screening and the administering of the tests and evaluation processes are followed and the selected candidates are sent across to the clients to collect their offer letters. Here the entire hiring for the agent level is outsourced to ARSEN. A slight variance to this service is having a full time team from ARSEN on the client side handling the entire recruitments at the agent level instead of doing the screening in our facility.




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