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  • Executive Search
  • Selection
  • Specialist Staffing (Temporary and Permanent)
  • Outsourcing
  • Payroll Process Outsourcing
  • Statutory Compliance Outsourcing
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • Training
  • Job Fair’s

Executive Search:

ARSEN Global Search provides exclusive service that helps fill unexpected but immediate gaps in senior management and also helps find the best temp leadership to manage crucial projects. We provide interim managers who possess rich leadership experience and move into challenging roles swiftly and comfortably. 

Our understanding of cultural sensitivities, market knowledge and powerful networking skills enable us to provide world class talent across all industry segments. In our executive search process, stress is laid on culture-fit as the right sync helps in longer retention and higher business productivity.

Our executive recruitment offering is comprised of leading professionals who apply their market knowledge and insider’s perspective to clients, demonstrating an innate, intuitive understanding of their needs inside and out. It is an ability that can be gained only from practice and deep experience, and it allows ARSEN to place executives with the ideal background, attitude and approach in the most timely and effective manner. This is the Art of Talent.

Balancing Art and Science

Next comes the Science – ARSEN’s approach to evaluating top talent by seamlessly integrating scientific research with our vast practical experience. Providing a more complete view of the candidate than is otherwise possible, our proprietary tools are statistically proven to generate better results in identifying the right person for the position. Our executive recruitment methodology includes:

  • Using a competency-based framework that provides a clear and common language to help clients identify desired skills and behaviors.
  • Administering our behavioral mapping tool – Search AssessmentSM – to prospective candidates, providing clients with insights into how they will lead, how they will approach and solve complex problems, what their emotional profile is likely to be and what motivates them to succeed.
  • Comparing candidates’ assessment results against our statistically validated indicators of success, which are customized to reflect the specific requirements of a client’s organizational culture or position, and illustrate how closely each candidate fits the critical parameters of the position.


ARSEN works with Fortune 500s, large global corporations, multi nationals, small and medium enterprises, and companies who look at establishing themselves in the emerging markets. As the leading recruitment specialists in India we bring with us expertise that helps identify the best talent for your organization. 
We can find the right talent at the junior and middle management levels for your organization. We believe that matching candidates to jobs is only possible by having deep insights and understanding of both the candidate and the client. 
Industry specific verticals:
ARSEN has a capable team of professionals who come with sector specialization- right from advertising and marketing to insurance, technology and life sciences, we have specialists in every field. This helps us connect with organizations easily because we speak your language and understand your concerns and specifications. 
Quick response time:
When you want to recruit, we understand that you would like to do it quickly. Our sharp recruitment methods help you find the right candidate in the shortest time. We have a live database of the candidates working in different functions, sectors and countries. 
Only the right fit:
ARSEN's selection and recruitment processes are an amalgamation of scientific approach and good people skills. We don't bombard our clients with irrelevant profiles. We understand that your time is valuable. We put candidates through stringent psychometric assessment tests that help us analyze their personality. This ensures that we get only the best candidates to attend your interviews. 
Cost effective:
By getting the right candidate for your organization who matches your management style and work culture ARSEN reduces the attrition rate of your company. Happy candidates stay longer in their jobs and hence the cost of frequent recruitment is brought down considerably. Employees, who are satisfied with their jobs, work harder and produce better results for the company. 

Specialist Staffing (Temporary and Permanent)

While recruiting specialists and experts for a particular project or assignment finding candidates with the right skill and cultural fit is very critical. The right people can drive performance and achieve desired results. 
Also as organizations make efforts to be more agile and to quickly adapt to the changes in the economy, they turn to the contingent workforce to have on-demand access to professionals and experts. Organizations also see the opportunity to reduce benefits and retirement costs by engaging the contingent workforce as they are cost-effective.
Spanning from senior contributor to interim executive, ARSEN can identify the right fit for an unfilled position.


ARSEN helps organizations focus on their core processes by handling all the backend processes in an efficient and time-bound manner. We offer strategic outsourcing solutions that give you access to intellectual capital which may not be available in-house. We help small firms with access to the same economies of scale, efficiency, and expertise that large companies enjoy. 
Our outsourcing solutions include: payroll process outsourcing and statutory compliance outsourcing solutions.

  • Save time and money: ARSEN’s outsourcing solutions helps you make significant saving in terms of time, effort, infrastructure and manpower. Since you do not have to invest in infrastructure, fixed investments can be avoided. 
  • Access to expert and skilled services: you have the advantage of flexibility to outsource a function or business process that is not your core competency. You can enjoy the benefit of access to skilled manpower and specialists in the domain that may not be available in-house. 
  • Faster delivery: since ARSEN can provide faster deliverables, it in turn improves your delivery time to your customers.
  • Time zone advantages: outsourcing to ARSEN has a time zone advantage. Our 365x24x7 service gives your business a competitive advantage.

Payroll Process Outsourcing

ARSEN provides fully integrated payroll outsourcing solutions by deploying the right people, process and technology. Our payroll experts are fully trained to handle the processes efficiently and swiftly. Our fully customized payroll engine helps to process multiple clients with varied complexity. 

Statutory Compliance Outsourcing

Statutory compliance practice has been our forte. We work with corporate houses and multinational companies across the country ensuring that they are fully compliant with central and state specific regulations.

We offer a two-pronged approach to Compliance management:

  • Transactional Compliance Management 
  • Compliance Advisory Services

This approach ensures statutory compliance both, from the organizational perspective as well as from employees’ perspective, safe guarding their rights and interests.
What we do

  • Statutory Compliance Audit 
  • HR & Statutory Due Diligence Audit 
  • Statutory Benefit Administration 
  • Statutory Advisory Services 
  • Indicative List of Labour Regulations we comply with:
  • Factories Act 
  • PF & Misc Provisions Act 
  • ESI Act 
  • Minimum Wages Act 
  • Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition Act 
  • Bonus Act 
  • Professional Tax Act 
  • Shop and Establishment Act 
  • Labour Welfare Fund 
  • Maternity Benefit Act 
  • Payment of Wages Act 
  • Other Labour Regulations as applicable for the establishment.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

A strategic combination of the above services, plus complete ownership of the strategic as well as delivery aspects of recruitment. In addition, conventional transaction-based hiring services are also offered, through sourcing, screening, scheduling etc.


ARSEN Team provides benchmarked training support to four diverse groups of stakeholders: 

  • College students and fresh graduates
  • Working professionals
  • Corporate houses
  • Government agencies and NGOs

We customize training modules, programs and courseware based on the need of improvement and learning. The Team also offers psychometric and ability tests for students, working executives and organizations. 

Our training programs and performance support tools are designed to increase productivity and improve access to opportunities.
Job Fairs
We conduct job fairs in various places to fulfill our client needs on time.




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